Types of Carbon Steel Fasteners and their Uses


What are Carbon Steel Fasteners? Carbon steel fasteners are metal components that hold two or more parts together. Threaded fasteners have threads that act like screws, while unthreaded fasteners use various other methods, such as rivets or clips. Many different Carbon Steel Fasteners are available today, including hex head bolts, socket head screws, shoulder screws, … Read more

Mechanics Fasteners For The Automotive Industry

Nickel 200-201 Grades

In your role as a project manager or engineer, you need to be familiar with every aspect of fastener standards that are used in automotive manufacturing, including how much torque should be applied. There is a lack of information available about tightening an automobile. Alloy Steel Fasteners need to be tightened according to principles and techniques that … Read more

Brief Guide on High Tensile Fasteners

high tensile fasteners

What are High Tensile Fasteners? Steel fasteners constructed to resist high levels of tension and pressure are called high-tensile fasteners, and the materials used to make them are made of alloy steel. High-tensile fasteners are required for almost every production element, including wind turbines that generate electricity. You need quality fasteners in your industrial structure … Read more